martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

Pececillos afilad los dientes!!!!!

Bueno chavales pa ke luego no digan ke hace falta tener 1028414919418741 $ pa aprovechar un buen bono.... os dejo en los links de interes esta page con bonos factibles en microlimites ke os permitiran alimentar vuestro bank con 400 nutritivos dolares!!!!
Al atake pirañas, Cidrex lo explica todo en su blog para mas señas contactar con el ke kontesta veloz, un chaval mu majo con muy buen gusto musikal ;)

Asi ke pececitos ya sabeis... como dijo Roberto Iniesta: "SUELTA LA FIERA!"

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burpucela dijo...

Estimado blogger:

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SaNGCuLe dijo...

Que famosa te has vuelto.. no? xD animo!

kulyn dijo...

Jasjjajaja estoy en el estrellato sangcu jeje
A burpucela... cuenta cuenta ke te doy verdicto "a la mayor brevedad"

Cidrex dijo...

Venga con ese bono wapa!!!

kulyn dijo...

Ainssss a ver si me dejan trankila y tengo dos segundo pa hacer el traspaso ke voy por la calle con cara de rotbailler gruñiendo grgrrrrr mi bono grrrr hjajajajaja
Besitos wapisimo

Poker dijo...

Learn to play aggressively is an important quality to play poker, especially Texas Hold'em. Being aggressive is the opposite of being passive, that is to say that you bet and try more often instead of just to check and follow in his hands.

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Vincent Rivaldo dijo...

Example of aggression in poker

Let's say you have AK and the flop is 7 KT.

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The table is relatively coordinated and your opponent could very well bet with a worse hand (like a draw or a pair weaker). Your main objective is to be aggressive and bet enough to give your opponent a bad pot odds to monitor and improve his hand, that way you will be able to win the pot on the flop. This is by far the best move to do (and not be passive and follow) since it also lets you take advantage of the possibility of turning.

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Free Poker Money dijo...

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It will be the last to speak for the rest of the hand, which gives us a significant advantage over other players who will follow after the button. Again, aggression wins passive play, because if we were content to follow the player sitting next to the button (or the button itself) would certainly also followed, and there would not the most favorable position for the rest of the hand.
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